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For the last few years, the sale of apartments in Orihuela Costa, or in any other village along the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante has been one of the greatest attractions for the inhabitants of northern Europe and other foreign clients. These people are longing to leave the cold, bad weather behind to come to Spain and enjoy the weather which is mainly good, especially along the Mediterranean coast.

Our clients are therefore extremely interested in getting to know and enjoy the Spanish way of life. Purchasing an apartment on the Costa Blanca from Promosol Villas is therefore a good choice to make if you really want to become immersed in the daily comings and goings of Spanish life and the Spanish lifestyle.

The Spanish Way of Life is one of the most valued and sought after attractions for anybody who trusts in Promosol Villas when deciding to live across from the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find all the information you need about the Spanish Way of Life and in particular, how life is lived in the south of province of Alicante.


In Spain, Promosol Villas clients will find the price of things to be a lot less than in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Norway etc. Drinks, food, petrol and diesel, tobacco, transport... everything is cheaper. In Spain the low income per capita means the price of things, as well as apartments and buildings on the coast, is so low, you will feel like you are getting them for free!


Due to the great climate and the long hours of sunlight enjoyed in the country, the Spanish follow daily schedules that are somewhat different to those found in other countries in the EU. Breakfast is normally at around 8 am and is perhaps the lightest meal of the day. For most people, it is a coffee and a slice of toast. However, lunchtime is another story, where meals tend to be quite hearty as it is the main meal of the day. People normally eat at 2pm and for many Spanish, it is the precursor of the afternoon nap or the Siesta.

The afternoon nap or siesta is a rest people take after lunch that can last from anything from 20 minutes to an hour, before the second half of the day begins in the afternoon.


As we have already pointed out, there are many hours of sunlight in this country and the mainly good climate means that Spanish tend to make the most of the day and have dinner very late in the evening. In general, people do not often to go to bed until well after midnight so we can really say that the people are very much night people – it is part of their culture.

Going out, free time and festivals in Spain.

One of the main attractions for foreign tourists who come to Spain on holidays or to live is the typical village festivals and celebrations that take place in most villages and towns throughout the country and also on a national level. Apart from this, customs such as having a beer or a wine along with some tapas at an outdoor terrace is part of our gastronomic culture. For those who may not know, tapas are small portions of delicious food and recipes which allow customers to try a wide variety of food without having to order and eat large portions.

In other words, if you really want to enjoy a Spanish Way of Life, look into the sale of apartments in Orihuela Costa or any other area where Promosol Villas can build the house of your dreams. Contact us and one of our experts will get to work to find what you are looking for.

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Promosol Villas

+34 96 672 37 21
C/ Azul, 2
(03170) Ciudad Quesada · (España)

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